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¡Practica un hechizo del día y lee el almanaque de las brujas!

You must be 16 to join!

Anyone who is caught using magick against or on behalf of another Community Member without their consent, regardless of intent... AUTOMATIC BAN!!!!

1.) Be kind and respectful. This is a group made of different paths and not everyone is going to think the same thing. Please respect each other as you would want someone to respect you. ​


2.) No gatekeeping, homophobia/racism/sexism/etc., sexually explicit content, NSFW content outside of specified channels, illegal content, piracy, hate speech/offensive language or harassment. ​


3.) Use Trigger Warnings on sensitive topics. If you share anything that could be potentially triggering to other people, you must use a TW at the beginning of your message along with the trigging topic so that people can skip it if they need to. ​


4.) Please, no spamming or flooding channels, groups, forums with messages. Be mindful.


5.) English only in the text areas.​

6.) (Applies to our Discord server) Please keep self-promotion (Etsy, Shopify, etc.) and social media links within the #social-media-and-self-promo channel. Partner servers will be listed in the appropriate channel by the Coven Crew. 

7.) Do not post your personal information or anyone else's This is for your own safety. This includes full names, addresses, credit card or banking information, or passwords. If you feel comfortable using your real first name, feel free. 

8.) The tone of our website and Discord is mature and is not intended for 'young of mind' individuals.​


9.) Do not post misinformation. When posting information, please provide depth and context to leave less room for misunderstanding. Please cite your sources. 


10.) Do not copy or steal our members hard work! Using resources is one thing but stealing original content and passing it as your own will result in banning! 

11.) Please, no "mini-moding". Let's leave that to the Moderator staff. Moderators reserve the right to stop any conversation at any time.  As well as staff reserves the right to use their own discretion, regardless of any rule. Any content crossing the line will be removed. 

12.) You must have a mentionable/taggable username. The Coven Crew reserves the right to change your unmentionable/untaggable username to one that is mentionable/taggable until you decide on an appropriate one. You will be notified first.

13.) (Applies to our Discord server) We DO allow cussing/swearing in text areas but ONLY if it is marked as a spoiler or using II around the word... example: IIswear wordII. Failure to do so will result in the Stevie bot giving you a warning and deleting your message. 

14.) Absolutely no role playing! This is a witchcraft learning and sharing website and server. Persons suspected of role playing will be subject to disciplinary action.

15.) We are aware that some practitioners have a natural inclination or curiosity for baneful magick. This includes cursing, crossing, hexing and jinxing. Although some of our staff, independently, have beliefs that include practicing baneful magick, Four Winds Witchery will never condone the manipulation of others through magick without their explicit consent. In past practice, we allowed the discussion and learning of baneful magick. Unfortunately, due to the nature that we cannot watch over every practitioner in our sphere, and incidents have happened, we now absolutely DO NOT allow discussion of, mentoring of or use of baneful magick within the Four Winds Witchery organization. Thank you for your understanding.

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