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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We offer different levels of engagement. Our Community, Our Inner Circle and Our Coven


We came into existence just before Covid-19, in 2020, as an organization that offers services both in person and online. We prioritize the values of a mentoring community and coven. We are a close-knit community of practitioners from diverse backgrounds, ranging in age from 16 to 65+.


Our ultimate goal is to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the arcane arts. We strongly believe that knowledge should be shared freely and passed down from generation to generation. Four Winds Witchery aims to bridge this gap and create a vibrant community that inspires growth and learning. 


Even if you are not local to the Eastern Iowa/Western Illinois area, our online presence is active and accessible worldwide. You can stay connected with us through our website, Discord, our Facebook Group, or Zoom. Our online platforms allow our members to engage in real-time discussions and seamlessly exchange ideas. 


For our Community, we hold various events catering to our members' diverse interests, including movie nights, small cast-along rituals, and spell and health workshops where we also get together and socialize. Each event is unique, providing a different flavor to the witchcraft experience, like a multi-course meal. Our primary focus is to connect and learn from each other while also creating lifelong friendships.


Some of the things you’ll find between our website, Facebook Group and Discord server for our Community members are:​

· Sabbat Celebrations

· Photo albums of witchy tips in our FB Group

· Our version of a “newspaper” called the Daily Star (Discord) or the Witchy Wisdom section of the website

· Discussion topics, forum boards and groups

· Our private grimoire that you can contribute to, and take from

· Cosmic Energy Reports

· Monthly & Yearly Energy Overviews

· Bi-monthly Moon Grimoire Entries on the each Full and New Moon

· Witchy Challenges

· Daily Ritual & Almanac spot

· Monthly Witches Social Virtual Meetup

· Witchcraft Courses (FREE!)

· FWW Merch (proceeds go to charity!)

and more! 

Best of all, learning witchcraft with us is 100% free to all of our Community members! Our Mentors, collectively, have over 50+ years of study and active practice

You can join our Community on DISCORD as well as our FACEBOOK GROUP, (for those who don’t do Discord) and our WEBSITE / APP. 


FB Group:

You can also find us on most social media platforms @fourwindswitchery


We look forward to meeting you! If you have any questions or would like any more information, please reach out to us!

For more information on our Inner Circle & Coven, follow the links below!

Our organization is a registered member of the Association for Spiritual Integrity.  © 2020 - 2023 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Unauthorized use is an infringement of copyrights, trademarks, servicemarks or proprietary rights.

  • Where should I start now that I've joined?
    1. First off, WELCOME! ...try not to feel overwhelmed, we offer a lot here! Read About Us and EXPLORE OUR APP, where tons of info is at your fingertips! 2. Witchy Chat group (on the website), our Discord Server, our Facebook Group and our monthly Witching Hour Witches Social is how you can get to know other witches! 3. Look for our Cosmic Energy Report, updated weekly, in our Grimoire. 4. Join Groups and Challenges! You can find some wonderful information in these. 5. Catch our bi-monthly Moon Entries in our Grimoire, for each Full & New Moon! 6. Next, you can read through our Grimoire and explore the Daily Ritual & Witchy Wisdom areas to find wisdom from other witches as well as a daily ritual and area to enter your Daily Gratitude! 7. Finally, to get you started, we strongly suggest that you read a few posts on Magical Protections. These are some great ones:
  • How can I learn witchcraft or expand my knowledge?
    Ways you can learn with us are: Attend our Sabbat Celebrations Attend our monthly Witching Hour Witches Social Read our bi-monthly Moon Entries in our Grimoire for each Full & New Moon. Our by-request podcast, Chasing Crows, has informational episodes Read through our Grimoire Our 'Ask a Question, Answer a Question' area Join Groups Join A Witchy Challenge...Basic Spellcasting is a great start! Check out our Witchy Wisdom and Daily Ritual areas Inquire by email about our COURSES! Open annually in spring for a 1 year study program through Four Winds Magick Academy.
  • How Can I Be In the Grimoire or Spell Book?
    You may contribute a Grimoire Entry, Potion, Spell, Ritual, Incense or Herb Blend to be entered and featured in our Grimoire Or Spell Book on our website/app as well as PRINTED versions!
  • Where can I participate in Practice Divination Readings?
    Join our Discord! Our members practice divination readings there and you can opt to practice being a reader or be on the receiving end of a reading.
  • How can I show my support for the community & coven?
    We have some amazing merch! You can sport our logo or other designs, plus donate to charity with each purchase. You can also donate directly to us through Ko-Fi, Venmo and Cash App. Details can be found by clicking below. You may also contribute a Grimoire Entry, Potion, Spell, Ritual, Incense or Herb Blend to be entered and featured in our Grimoire Or Spell Book on our website/app as well as PRINTED versions!
  • I have questions, how can I get them answered?
    Check out our Q&A section in our Forum. Your question may have been asked and answered or you may contact any of the staff to get a more personalized experience. If you would like group input, live, you can join our monthly Witching Hour Witches Social. Dates and times for the Witching Hour can be found in our Calendar of Events.
  • How do I report a broken link or something amiss?
    You can report broken links or things that just need fixing by messaging us through the website , sending us an email at or by commenting on the spell or grimoire page.
  • What is the Inner Circle?
    -What is the Inner Circle?- The Inner Circle* is a subscription based opportunity to access our Coven's Spellbook. Join those of our community who don't wish to join our Coven but who may want to practice solo or with their own circles. This is digital copy of the very same Spellbook our Coven uses. For the first time ever we are sharing our Coven spellbook with our community. We add to this Spellbook often! After subscribing, you can access it under the Grimoire tab of the website or by using our App - which is most convenient! Note: Learning the basics of Witchcraft with us is ALWAYS FREE through our community, mentors, Grimoire, Podcast and more. This does not include our private collection of Spells and Rituals, which are now available through one time purchase or monthly subscription. To read more about learning and what we offer, please visit our About Us page! -Requirements & Warnings- We require you to be of sound mind and use proper judgement on magickal ethics. By purchasing you acknowledge that Four Winds Witchery and Coven of the Four Winds are not responsible for your misuse and uneducated practice. Please note that this is a subscription of monetary value. ​ ​ With Inner Circle Membership comes all community membership offerings plus:​ Unlimited access to the Coven Spellbook ​ ​ If you have any questions or would like any more information, please reach out to us!​ ​ *Community or Inner Circle membership does not automatically grant Coven membership. All proceeds will be donated or used to cover community expenses.
  • Coven?
    The Coven* is exclusively by invite or application ONLY! This is not for our Inner Circle Spellbook subscribers or general witchcraft community members who wish to socialize and join community activities. -What is the Coven?- Our Coven is for those who want to actively practice with an intimate coven of practitioners. We share energy. We practice, discuss and dive deep on topics to learn, perform rituals, spellwork and shadow work together. We share the Coven spellbook. We gather 2x monthly under the Full and New Moon. We are sisters and brothers of the same vision. We are an eclectic group who embrace those of all paths. -Requirements- We require you to be of adult age. We do not allow minors into the Coven. Although we. prefer it, you do not have to be local to the Eastern Iowa/Western Illinois region to become a member. We will allow virtual practice. Please be aware this may hinder the exchange of energy between some Coven members. ​ Understand that there are 24 Coven Gatherings per year. You are required to attend more Coven Gatherings than not, to maintain your status in the Coven. This expectation is to maintain mutual trust, support and a beneficial relationship with our Coven of active witchcraft practitioners. Expect that there will be an exchange of names and a communication method, as we are an intimate group of friends and practitioners. Each gathering will be scheduled to allow you to opt-in or out of a particular ritual by RSVP. You may also attend the gathering, but not engage in rituals or spellwork, but to support your fellow Coven member. Please expect that there will be a 90 day observation period that will allow you to exit the Coven if you, or the rest of the circle, are uncomfortable or you decide that you cannot meet the full requirements. We have a no questions asked policy. ​ With Coven Membership comes all community membership offerings plus:​ Unlimited access to the Coven Spellbook Bi-monthly Coven Gatherings under the Full & New Moons to perform rituals and spellwork together ​ ​ We accept carefully vetted, serious applicants to study and practice with us, for FREE. For consideration, please fill out the application, below, fully and honestly. If you want to be seriously considered, we expect detailed answers to our application questions. We will contact you after we review your application. If you have any questions or would like any more information, please reach out to us! ​ ​ *Community or Inner Circle membership does not automatically grant Coven membership.
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